Waste management System (Waste management System)

Waste management System (Waste management System)

The management of waste quality is dependent on investment suitability. It is also in accordance with the laws of the Department of Industrial Works. To ensure industrial waste management has been developing effectively. Reduce the burden of industrial waste storage To elevate the standard of industrial waste disposal and enhance monitoring and supervision.

Sewage or non-used materials is an entirely non-used or scrap. From its operations, the plant also includes waste of waste material, which is formed in the production process of the waste, the products, deterioration, quality and effluent, with elements or with harmful features.

Management of sewage or non-used materials is a destructive treatment for removal. Sell, distribute, or reuse in different ways. This includes the retention hold to do so.

HA (Hazardous waste – Absolute entry) or HM (Hazardous waste – Mirror entry) shows that the property is hazardous waste. For code that is directed with HM, the operator must analyze or prove according to the defined criteria.

Characteristics of sewage or non-used materials that are hazardous waste.

1. Sewage or non-flammable materials (Ignitable substances)

2. Sewage or non-corrosive materials (Corrosive substances)

3. Sewage or material not used. Reactive substance Types Easy (reactive substances)

4. Sewage or other non-toxic materials type (Toxic substances)