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About Us-Perfect Solution & Consultant Co., Ltd.

About us is a business entrepreneur who is planning to design, install, update Wastewater treatment System Air pollution treatment system industrial waste disposal Fully integrated environmental management system, plus high-performance nano chemical distribution It also maintains the environment. Perfect Solution & Saotaen Co., Ltd. was established in the year. 2548 with more than a rich experience. 10 years old makes links to the same system with a full range of systems.  Lead to the main goal is to have a zero residual waste. (Zero Waste) produces the value and benefits of concrete in an appropriate manner.   It can be easily driven to modify internal resource management. Not only do they see the results, but affect the community environment.   It is our pride of being a helping society to create social consciousness. and help maintain the resources of our world.

Our Vision

An integrated environmental management specialist To make your customers more satisfied. With international quality standards under good management.

Board of Directors


Dr. Pummarin Klankaw
managing Director

B.Sc. (environment) 1st Honor, Division of capital. Thammasat University B.En
g., M.D. (Environment) Ph.D Kasetsart Uni
versity. (Environmental Technology) The joint Graduate School of Energy and Environment, Kmutt


Dr.panittamat Klankaw Vice Managing Director

B.Eng. (Chemical and material) B.Sc. (Silpakorn University) (Material science), Chulalongkorn University, Ph.D. (nanotechnology) Chulalongkorn University

Environmental Consulting company providing innovative and optimised for solving

Environmental problems of private and government organisations





















 "Save Energy & Environmental Mind"

We are ready to have the people and technology to solve environmental problems with your organization. Just give us your information today. We will submit our team to analyze the environmental management system and provide you with a legitimate environmental management plan for you at any cost.

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